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Jet City Afterburner Dual Stage Overdrive - Used

Jet City Afterburner Dual Stage Overdrive - Used

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Used Jet City Afterburner Dual Stage Overdrive - very good condition, comes with original box, manual, and rubber feet.

The Afterburner is a two stage overdrive in a road-ready, aluminum and steel housing. The first stage is a straight-up overdrive for adding gain to the front-end of a tube amp. The second stage is a boost to increase volume for solos, etc.


  • Independent control of overdrive and “Afterburner” boost stage

  • True bypass operation – Will not “suck” the tone from your rig

  • Volume Control– Adjusts the overall output level

  • Tone Control – Adjusts the overall tone

  • Overdrive Control – Adjusts the amount of OD for the first stage

  • Boost Control – Adjusts the level of the second stage

  • On/Off Switch – Engages/Bypasses the pedal

  • Boost Switch -Engages/Bypasses the 2nd OD stage

  • On/Off and Boost LEDs -For high visibility on the darkest stage

  • Aluminum and Steel Housing -Strength and durability for the gigging pro

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