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Red Witch Omnia Germanium Amplifier Boost Pedal

Red Witch Omnia Germanium Amplifier Boost Pedal

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Improve your tone. Use OMNIA.


Utilise OMNIA as your boost and you'll find yourself in the magnificent territory of being able to use your guitars volume dial as a means of shifting between clean and dirty sounds. You see, using OMNIA means that as you dial back your instruments volume knob, it won't get wooly, it stays sparkly clean!  No need for treble bleed caps .

The power of impedance will see to that!

Set OMNIA’s single volume dial to determine how gently or hard you push the front end of your amplifier.

A universe of dynamic clarity... 


You want beautiful overdrive. You can have beautiful overdrive. Quick. Easy. Instantly.

 When faced with the problem of how to breathe life into a luck lustre, dull sounding amplifier, Ben took advantage of the magnificently “organic” flavour of germanium and created a remarkably simple solution to a complex problem.

Adding dynamic and crystalline sparkle, the OMNIA will improve any valve amplifier in need of some sonic love. Or if you want only the best for your already wonderful amplifier the OMNIA is the pedal to turn to make the great into the greatest.

Built in small batches by hand in New Zealand. Hand signed and numbered.

Try a OMNIA today and make everything sound better.


- Current draw: 3mA

- Switching: True Bypass

- Weight: 145 grams

- Dimensions: 105mm x 50mm x 45mm

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