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VHT Redline Micro 6 Watt Pedal Board Amp

VHT Redline Micro 6 Watt Pedal Board Amp

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VHT has done it again! Packing unimaginable tone and clean Class D power into a pedal sized enclosure, the Micro 6 is an amp you can always have with you. The Micro 6 features a full complement of features in its tiny package, including volume and tone controls, guitar & AUX in, and speaker and headphone out. Powered by a 9V adapter (sold separately) or with the VHT Vooster for those that don't want to be tethered to a wall outlet!

MODEL NAME: VHT Redline Micro 6
MAX OUTPUT: 6 Watts Class D
CONTROLS: Volume& Tone
JACKS: Instrument In, Aux In, Headphone Out & Speaker Out

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